Tuesday, October 2, 2012


At my pharmacy school we have weekly meeting in the auditorium.  These meetings could be about the student government, various announcements, or professional speakers.


All of the students naturally sit near the back of the auditorium.  Many of the students are studying for other courses or playing on their computers.  We got called out on it last week and an e-mail was sent from the Dean stating that we are professionals and should treat our speakers professionally.

Therefore, the entire SOP must sit in the front 8 rows of the auditorium so that we can pay attention and give appropriate feedback for the professionals.

We all knew why we were being moved to the front, but we also had to be chastised for 10 minutes like 5 year olds as to why we were being punished.  It was infuriating.

The actual lecture was interesting: how to avoid debt once you graduate.  Points to be taken from this lecture:
  • Open a line of credit so as to establish a credit score
  • Pay all of your bills on time
  • Put money away into a savings account, or even better, some account that has a higher interest
  • Try to get out of debt as soon as possible - don't spend all of the first paycheck on a Jaguar

Later on in the day there was cake for those who had a birthday in October.  This is sponsored by the student government, so it is free to the students.  Last month we celebrated months May - September, so there were numerous cakes.  A lot of the cake was left over, so I guess they didn't want to be wasteful this time.  Why worry though?  There are only ~30 students with their birthday in October.

I'm one of them.

I was excited about cake.  I enjoy cake as much as anyone else.  I had just taken my St Johns wort without water and it had gotten stuck in my esophagus.  I was happy to have such a delicious treat to wash down my medicine.

I casually stroll to the breakroom and wait in line for the cake.  I make note of how many people are partaking in this celebration who do NOT have birthdays in October.  Hm.  Probably ~40 people more?


By the time I get to the front of the line, there is no cake left.  I yell at everyone that they are "bitches and hoes who are selfish because they didn't leave any cake for who it was intended."

That oughta teach them about being professional.

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