Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Been Busy But...

Hey I've been busy with studying for tests and attempting to finish numerous projects.  Even though we're only 2 weeks into the new semester I feel like I've been thrown into the deep end.

Just wanted to update: the penicillin VK parent never came back to talk to the PIC.  Guess we'll never know what we dispensed to them...  *shrug*

I work 4 days this week, then essentially 7 days the next week.  Shoot me now.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Guess Doctors and Parents Know Better...

Tonight was a good night.  There were some people that were grumpy, but overall we got everything done and it was nice and relaxing.

At some point a person came up to discuss their concerns about a medication they got 5 days ago with the pharmacist.  They didn't believe that they received reconstituted penicillin solution.

No matter how much the pharmacist claimed that it was penicillin, they argued.

Apparently it smells like cough syrup?  And that it has alcohol in it?  I'm pretty sure you can't even dispense a medicine with alcohol in it to a child...  That whole crazy "drink-when-you're-21" law...

The parent said that the child had to go to the hospital because the medicine was not working.  I assume they meant it wasn't working against whatever infection the child has.  I was not nearby during this conversation since I dislike confrontation.

The parent said that while they were at the hospital they showed the medicine to the doctor.  The doctor told them it was not penicillin.  I guess they were looking for something more like a suspension, like amoxicillin or augmentin.

We had mixed 2 bottles of penicillin solution and put it into an amber bottle.  We do this so parents have less to worry about, and don't become confused when we throw numerous bottles at them.

The parent is going to bring the medication back on Friday to talk with the pharmacy manager.  The parent says that we are wrong, and that when they bring it back, we will have to test it to make sure that it is penicillin.  Like we have that sort of testing equipment....

The parent's last parting words were that they would have their lawyer contact us.

I know that we are correct.  I know that the drug is right.  However, it still scares the crap out of me that there is that 0.000000012% we may be wrong...  I don't know what would happen if we were wrong...  I heard in class today all these horror stories of pharmacists approving improperly prepared medications.  Those were compounds though, not reconstitutions...  I just hope this turns out well.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Better Times

K, so I looked up that profile where that kid would go to the hospital if I absolutely did NOT give them the medication RIGHT THEN.

It was albuterol for a nebulizer.  It looked like they had something similar back in November.  That was roughly 75 days ago.  The fill itself was for 60 days.

Hm.  Looks like you waited till the last minute to get a refill, and the doctor accidently sent it somewhere else.

You lose.  Better luck next time!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lessons in Life

So I had the past couple of days off from work, but I started again today!  And it sucked...

I came in the pharmacy and the pharmacist immediately said how relieved they were to see me!  It had been quite busy all day.  They were barely holding above the water.

I inputted a few prescriptions and saw that they kept being returned for being incorrect.  I fixed them the best I knew how, and resubmitted to the pharmacist.  They kept being returned...

Our computer system has a nifty function of letting the pharmacist highlight the field they find incorrect, and they may possibly put in a comment for the tech on how to fix it.  This can help to teach us what to do, certain keystrokes, or if we simply misspelled a word.

I had no comments.

The pharmacist started to become more frustrated with me on a particular prescription because I couldn't determine what they wanted me to type.  Understandable.  By the time I fixed the prescription it had been sent back and forth at least 5 times.

There were numerous prescriptions in fill, more in check-point, and even more in visual verify.  People that called on the phone to speak to the pharmacist were on hold for 10 minutes at a time.  Too busy.

A parent came through the drive thru and asked about prescriptions sent in for their child.  I only saw one prescription here, and it wouldn't be able to be processed through the insurance until tomorrow.

Parent: Ok, what about the other prescription?
Me: I'm sorry, I don't see another prescription here for you...
Parent: The doctor called in another prescription.  I watched them.  I saw them call it in.

At this point they are getting a tad frustrated with me.

Me: Ok, let me check one other place. *search host system* Yes, it looks like it was called into [sister store 10 minutes away]
Parent: ...Alright.  Would you be able to transfer it here?
Me: I could, but we are quite busy right now.  It might take a few hours for it to be ready, or even as late as tomorrow.
Parent: But if they don't have this medicine, they will have to go to the hospital!
Me: I understand that, but unfortunately it may take a while.
Parent: Know what.  Forget it.  We'll just get the prescription down in [sister store 10 minutes away] and transfer all our prescriptions down there.
Me: Ok. *hangs up*

I see now that that was my mistake.  I should have tried to get it done sooner.  The pharmacist was so flustered though I didn't want to put pressure on them to finish a prescription right now.

The parent came into the store and chewed us out.  The pharmacist said that I was mistaken, and we could have it ready in 45 minutes.

The parent left and went to [sister store 10 minutes away] and, true to their word, transferred the remaining prescriptions down there.

I was so upset for the next couple of hours, it was horrible.  I'm still quite upset.  I'm going to look up the patient tomorrow and see if this was a refill or whatnot...  May give indication on how appropriate their tongue-lashing was...

However, I guess it really doesn't matter.  There's nothing that I can do about it anyway other than live on to another day.  Many people weren't given that luxury today.

I just feel like perhaps this isn't the profession for me...  Working in a science lab by myself with only music and no deadlines seems like heaven right now...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Think Before You Speak...

Two 15-16 year old boys come up to me to ask for advice.

Boy: *blinks furiously but stares off in another direction* Um...  Where would I find prescription muscle relaxers?

Me: They're a prescription...  They're behind the counter.

Boy: *still doesn't look at me, and keeps blinking* Yes, so how would we get some?

Me: They're a prescription.  You have to have a prescription to get them.

Boy: Oh, man! *walks off*

Moral of the story:  Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?

On a more positive note, we've been very busy for that past 3 days I've been at work!  Also, it's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow so people are trying to pull together all of their medications in preparation.  And with insurance issues due to the new year, the wait times can get pretty long.

There are at least 5 other people waiting in line and we are in the 5 PM rush so there are plenty in fill and input.  A lady comes up with her driver's license in hand, doesn't wait in line, and doesn't really wait for me to acknowledge her.  I had just called the next patient up and she interrupted, asking if she can buy Claritin D.

Me: Well, of course you can, but I was about to help this person.  If you wait in line...

Lady: Are you kidding me?  You seriously just can't hand me the box?

Me: Unfortunately not...  You have to purchase it here at the pharmacy...

Lady*practically shouting at me* That's ridiculous.  The other girl just told me I had to show my driver's license...  Know what?  Forget it.  We'll just go to [competitor].

Me:  Ok. *shrug*

I mean, seriously?  Can you not wait your turn?  I'm pretty sure you just walked up to the pharmacy, and not have been waiting for a while like everyone else.  And the pseudoephedrine law has been in effect since... *quick Google search* ...2006?  Where have you been?

Anyway, school starts up again on Monday!  And it seems as though I'm going to be working a bit more often...  The people up where I am now are just so much more... understanding and practical than I'm used to.  I still have no idea where I'm going to get writing material.