Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Made your own bed...

So my second year of pharmacy school is over.  I passed all the classes!  Now I'm working about 40 hours a week.  Nothing incredibly interesting has happened until today.

The pharmacist got a call to transfer a couple of scripts from another state.  An antibiotic and pain medicine from a dentist office, nothing too interesting.  Probably up here for the weekend with the holiday.

Funny thing is that we've had people try to scam by having dentists call in medication on the weekend claiming that they have a toothache.  The dentist calls it in and the patient picks it up!  That's great, but they're having multiple dentists call it into multiple pharmacies along the highway.

And they're not even patients with that dentist.

That was the other week though.  Meh.  The pharmacist was going to give benefit of the doubt, until we received a couple of calls.

One tech talked to a woman, the other tech talked to a man.  They were each asking if the patient's adult child could come by to pick up the medicine. 

Long story short, we were getting conflicting stories about antibiotic allergies and reasons of not picking up all the medicines together.  The pharmacist called the dentist out of state on a holiday and, explaining our rationale on being extra cautious recently, low and behold the dentist recognized the name of the scammer from last week.  I guess the patients are working together under different names...  *sigh*

Tried to call the patient back, but they wouldn't even pick up, and never called back.  I guess they figured we were onto them.

Made the long-lasting slow holiday a little more interesting though!