Monday, December 12, 2011


So I'm almost done with my first semester of pharmacy school and there's not much to show for it...

Work isn't too bad, patients are pretty nice and considerate where I work.  It's not a very good story mine, but it helps keep my sanity.  I'm becoming jaded less quickly and I somewhat remember why I wanted to go in this profession in the first place.

I'm making Cs in the most difficult classes, immunology and biochemistry.  I'm making the worst grades out of my roommates, so that's going to need to change.

I legitimately failed a test last Monday.  A 56% in immunology.  Not a proud moment.

I keep hearing:
"C equals degree!"
"What does everyone call the last person in the class?  Doctor."

I guess I'm just a little down because I could have done better this semester...  But could I have really?  I don't know.  I'm not the first, nor shall I be the last, to have doubts about this profession I'm stepping into.  I suppose we're all in this together!