Sunday, March 23, 2014

My love/hate relationship with February...

Filling prescriptions in March is slightly more simple than at any other time during the year because figuring out when controlled refills are due is just so darn easy.

My pharmacy refills controlled medications 2 days before the patient should be completely out.

Therefore, if they received a 30 day supply the month before, we will refill it on the 28th day.  February usually has 28 days, so the day that you filled in February is the day that you will fill in March.  It's pretty awesome that way.

However, I got into an argument with a patient today about refilling their medication.  Our computer will allow the prescription to go through 3 days early, so we have to be careful.  Even then, it was still too soon to fill today, as this would have been 4 days early.

Anyways, the Rx was filled on 2/24 and we "always fill 2 days before it was filled last month" and that "every time they call someone else has a different rule."  Couldn't get it through their head.  Tried.  Failed.  Frustrated.  I don't doubt if they will try to get it earlier each month.

However, if you're getting 2 days early each month, but the end of the year you will have 24 extra days of medication.  That's almost an entire month.  Where are they all going?