Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No respect...

I feel like Rodney Dangerfield!!

I went into work last night for a couple of hours.  I never work on Mondays so I was surprised to see on my schedule the 2 hours of labor posted.

I drove 25 miles in the constant rain from Hurricane Sandy and bad drivers after completely bombing a psychiatric medicines test after working all weekend.

After coming in late and finally being able to clock in, I wait on a patient at the register.

Their prescription is not quite ready.  They berate me because they dropped it off 45 minutes ago, and seriously, how long does it take to slap a label on the bottle?!  Turns out it's too soon on insurance, and can't be covered for a couple more weeks, since it was just picked up a week ago.  After finding out the drug is $290.56 cash, they decide to wait for a couple of weeks.

Found out later that the patient was told all of this at drop-off.  *scratches head*

Another patient called in to speak with the pharmacy manager to file a complaint.

Oh no.

From what I could tell, the doctor prescribed a drug that would interact with a current drug.  The pharmacist called and explained, and got the drug changed to something else.  Filled it.  Boom.  Done.  The patient picked up the script and was apparently never told of the interaction or the changed medicine.

Wanted to know why the pharmacist couldn't speak to them personally when the patient came by to pick up the meds.

We filled 370 scripts yesterday with only 1 pharmacist and 5 techs.  Kinda busy.  Excuse?  No.  But the patient talked for 10 mins on the phone about the subject.  I'm surprised the pharmacist kept their cool for so long.  I don't know what else could have been done after the fact.  The patient may bring back the medicine due to the misunderstanding.  So much for looking out for your patients!

Last story, I swear...  We get these nice printouts if something is out of stock so as to remind us to order it and call the patient.  I was looking through the printouts to make sure everything was ordered, and found one that I could fill.  Changed the NDC, went on my way, and saw the patient had a coupon card for another drug they had ready.  Reprocessed and rebilled, then went to change the paperwork.

The pharmacist was like a ninja, looking over my should for any transgressions.

"What are you doing?"

"... Um.  Fixing this issue that I found?"

"Why are you digging through that person's profile?"

"...I just noticed it when looking for something else.  I thought I'd go ahead and fix it."

"Oh.  I thought you were just trying to make more work for yourself..."

 Thank goodness that "extra work" was done because the patient showed up 2 mins before closing.  Imagine if that prescription wasn't filled or if the coupon card wasn't applied before hand?  ...Right.  Any thank-you from the pharmacist?  Pshaw...

Just no respect...

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