Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Guess Doctors and Parents Know Better...

Tonight was a good night.  There were some people that were grumpy, but overall we got everything done and it was nice and relaxing.

At some point a person came up to discuss their concerns about a medication they got 5 days ago with the pharmacist.  They didn't believe that they received reconstituted penicillin solution.

No matter how much the pharmacist claimed that it was penicillin, they argued.

Apparently it smells like cough syrup?  And that it has alcohol in it?  I'm pretty sure you can't even dispense a medicine with alcohol in it to a child...  That whole crazy "drink-when-you're-21" law...

The parent said that the child had to go to the hospital because the medicine was not working.  I assume they meant it wasn't working against whatever infection the child has.  I was not nearby during this conversation since I dislike confrontation.

The parent said that while they were at the hospital they showed the medicine to the doctor.  The doctor told them it was not penicillin.  I guess they were looking for something more like a suspension, like amoxicillin or augmentin.

We had mixed 2 bottles of penicillin solution and put it into an amber bottle.  We do this so parents have less to worry about, and don't become confused when we throw numerous bottles at them.

The parent is going to bring the medication back on Friday to talk with the pharmacy manager.  The parent says that we are wrong, and that when they bring it back, we will have to test it to make sure that it is penicillin.  Like we have that sort of testing equipment....

The parent's last parting words were that they would have their lawyer contact us.

I know that we are correct.  I know that the drug is right.  However, it still scares the crap out of me that there is that 0.000000012% we may be wrong...  I don't know what would happen if we were wrong...  I heard in class today all these horror stories of pharmacists approving improperly prepared medications.  Those were compounds though, not reconstitutions...  I just hope this turns out well.

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  1. Well that is why pharmacys and pharacists have to carry insurance incase they get sued. And hopefully they have proper documentation. They probably will be able to show them the stock bottle, pour some out see and smell it and that should solve it. Hopefully. Dont worry too much. Mistakes are made. As long as it is properly documented, that is all most state boards require. I think. Good luck tomorrow.