Monday, August 29, 2011

White Coat Ceremony and Other Events

So class began last week, but only for a few days...  I passed my first biochem quiz, and celebrated by receiving my white coat!  My family came to witness the festivities, and then I spent the weekend exploring my new home state.  My significant other and I went to the local run-down lunatic asylum for a tour, and finished by devouring artisan pizzas and pints of beer.

I am quite behind on studies already and all I want to do is procrastinate.  I suppose it's time to stop that sort of behavior...  I had another quiz this afternoon, and I will have another one in a few days.  I will literally have at least 2 quizzes and a test per week, which is motivating for the over achieving student who always wants to stay busy.

I got in my state internship license, so hurray for a pay increase!!

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