Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Settling In...

So I had to work tonight.  I work at a large chain pharmacy ~30 minutes away from school, so it can take a while to drive there.  I transferred from my home state right before I moved to school but it is eerily similar.  Both stores were built around the same time and also fill around the same amount of scripts per day.

However, my former store was scarily organized and efficient.

The head pharmacist had slight OCD so when he was recruited from a floater to a pharmacy manager, he made sure his pharmacy would run well.  The store was to built from the ground up, so he had a chance to organize the pharmacy how he wished.  He didn't really pay attention to the building plans and spread out the layout as much as possible.

The drug shelves were separated so you didn't have to reach over medication to grab the bottles in the corner.  All of the fast movers were in the same pod.  Each pod had an identical tray, and each tray had identical spatulas, and those spatulas were the long and skinny kind.  Each pod had shelves to house the filling baskets, and sharpies galore!  Each pod had a sharpie.  The computer monitors were raised so you could always be aware of everything around you.  There were calculators at each station.  There was one fridge for insulin flex pens and various refrigerated medications, one for insulin vials, and one for over the counter insulin.  Oh, and there was another fridge just for completed prescriptions.  It was an amazing time.

Instead here, and this probably annoys me the most:  Each pod has different trays and different spatulas.  Only one tray has a skinny spatula.  No pods have sharpies, so you must carry them on your person.  Meh.

I have my first top 20 drugs quiz this Friday.  They are going to be OTC medications.

Patients here aren't nearly as... high strung?  Entitled?  Irresponsible?  I have no idea where I'm going to get writing material from in that case...

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