Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So much to say!

So many things have occurred since my last posting.  I have finished my first year as a pharmacy student.  I passed all of my spring semester classes, and was only 0.10 points from making Dean's List.  I'm so happy to be done with the year though.  Now I get to crochet and read as much as my heart desires!

My school is a tad different than most pharmacy schools.  Instead of completing internships and rotations during the summer between school years, we do them during the semester on a designated day.  However, we are trying the summer rotations this year.  I am completing my retail phase right now and will participate in the institutional phase (hospital) in the fall.

I am with a local, somewhat private pharmacy / knick knack store that has 2 other locations within the state.  They cater to a much older crowd, and I like it in a lot of ways because there is not a lot of red tape to go through to do what you feel is best for your patient.

"Oh look, we're running low on [drug].  We'll order some more, but in the meantime give [patient] our last #15 and we'll owe them the rest when it comes in."

No three day loans!  You can loan them as much as you want!  And the on-orders come every day of the week!

The patients know the technicians and the pharmacists, and will sometimes just stop by to chat.  It's truly surreal...

However, given that it is largely populated by the elderly generations, there can be some short fuses for all parties involved.  Needless to say one technician is no longer with us in the pharmacy because things became a little too heated.

All that aside, I feel very welcomed into my rotation site.  I feel more accepted there in the 2 weeks I've been there than in 10 months at my workplace.  It truly makes a huge difference depending on the people that you work with.  If I hadn't just received health and 401K benefits at my workplace, I would seriously consider asking to be hired onto my rotation site...

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