Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh Silly Dreams...

I have Monday mornings off from class, so I usually get to sleep in a bit more than usual.  It was certainly welcomed after I worked for the past 4 days.

However, my brain doesn't want to shut off!  I dreamt that I was still at work.  It was awful.

I was working at the cash register, checking out patients and sending them on their way.  An older lady came up and gave me her name, "inaudible gibberish" and said she was here to pick up her prescriptions.  I asked her 3 times to repeat her name, and each time she became more aggravated.  I never did find out what her name was, but the doctor had never called in the medicines.

Right at that moment she asked me where the gibberish ice was.  I had never heard of such a thing.  She claimed that this was the worst service that she's ever gotten before, and would have me fired.  Luckily, another customer knew what she was talking about and took her to the vitamins.  For ice.  WTF?

Five minutes later she comes back to pick up her EIGHT prescriptions, which were actually ready!  I was shocked.  I asked for her name again - "gibberish"  She once again got super pissed at me and wanted to speak with the manager.

I never found out her name.

I have work again tomorrow night, but after that I'm done for the rest of the week.  I'm very excited, considering how often I've worked recently.  However, the only reason I have so much time off this week is due to the large amounts of tests and quizzes.  Bah.

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