Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tests and Such

Welp, I've now been broken into pharmacy school.  And I've been broken hard...

I had 2 tests last week - on the same day.  And then 2 more tests this week, also on the same day.  Lovely.

I did decently well in most of them, a B here and there and what have you.

Then.  Well.  Then, there was pharmacy law and immunology.

The pharmacy law class is a joke.  The information that we're learning is how many prescriptions were filled back in 2009, what the price of a prescription was, and how every other leading world country is beating us in the health care game.  That's great and all, but when you say you're going to test on trends, don't pull out a "I, II, III; I and II only; none of the above" question on specific statistics.  That just begs for most people to fail.

I kid you not, someone made a 45% on this test.  I squeaked by with a decent 75%.  Not my best, but that wasn't the worst...

Immunology was also super difficult.  I've heard where some people made 20% on the multiple choice portion, but fear not!  They have the opportunity to get 20 more points from fill in the blanks.  So yes.  They may be able to raise that 20% to a 40%!  Holy crap!

I have a 57% right now on the multiple choice.  Wonderful.

In other news: my significant other is starting a new job in a week!  They're moving a few more states down south, so I'll have a nice vacation spot in the winter!

I may need to start wearing my white coat at work.  My superiors have let me start taking prescriptions off of the voice mail, and man, doctors and nurses can talk quickly.  Consulting people about medications scares the crap out of me, however.  Once you put on that coat everyone expects you to know everything about medicine.

I suppose that's why they would call it "practicing."

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